Meet the Team

Wetland Revival Trust is a culmination of thirty years’ experience restoring wetlands and other habitats, 10 years of which have been in WRT’s project area of Northern Victoria and the wider southern Murray Darling Basin. Over this period Elaine and Damien have developed a detailed understanding of wetland condition and ecological issues affecting the area, developed relationships with local farmers and Traditional Owners, and implemented restoration projects in a variety of habitats covering over 1000 hectares.  


Damien Cook

Restoration Ecologist/Director

Damien Cook is the Director and Senior Restoration Ecologist at the Wetland Revival Trust. Damien has been a keen naturalist for 35 years and has developed a sound knowledge of flora and fauna ecology, identification, and habitat requirements. He is a recognised expert in wetland, riparian and terrestrial ecology, particularly in the factors affecting the establishment and management of aquatic and wetland plants, and the revegetation of terrestrial grassland and woodland ecosystems.

Elaine Bayes


MSc, BSc (Hons), DipVET

Elaine has been working as an environmental scientist and ecologist since 1994.  Her main focus is on wetland ecology and management, frog and reptile surveys, fire effects in the Box Ironbark and Eltham Copper Butterfly surveys and protection. Elaine is an experienced environmental educator and developed the popular Wetland Plant Identification and Ecology Course which is now run through WRT, as well as many other wetland related courses.

Dom McKenzie

Field Project Facilitator

Dom has a background in conservation and land management, working with non-profits and local government. He is passionate about threatened flora recovery, biodiversity education, and working with First Nations people to restore ecosystems. His work with Wetland Revival Trust involves supervision of revegetation projects and ecological restoration, mapping of flora/fauna and GIS support for the team.

Talia Jenkin

Business Manager

Talia has a background in business management and administration, and has qualifications including Business Management and International Development. Talia is passionate about ethical and impact driven business, sustainability and sustainable development. Her work with the Wetland Revival Trust includes business management, development and improvement, governance and compliance and project management. 

Voluntary Committee of Management

Our voluntary Committee of Management advises the Directors of the Wetland Revival Trust to ensure transparency and management of the 
Wetland Revival Public Fund according to the purposes of the Trust, our aims and vision.


Di Bowles



Kulja Coulston



Ian Higgins

Deputy Chairperson

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