Wetland Projects

Working together for ecological restoration

Since initial work at Johnson Swamp began in 2015, another 11 wetland restoration projects have been initiated in North Central Victoria. Designed by wetland ecologist Damien Cook, these projects have involved collaboration between Traditional Owners, NCCMA, Murray Darling Wetlands Working Group (MDWWG), private wetland owners Ken and Jill Hooper and the Victorian Department of Land Water and Planning (DELWP). Collaboration has fostered the development of strong relationships between partner organisations and individuals.

Projects completed have achieved excellent establishment rates (>90%), with over 38,000 plants established across 1,600 hectares of 12 wetlands. The planning and implementation of these projects has been informed by indigenous perspectives of local ecosystems and by an understanding of ecosystem processes and restoration principles.

The projects have trialled new methods of re-establishing tree, shrub and ground-layer species within degraded wetlands using a combination of planting and direct- seeding techniques. The Wetland Revival Trust will build on these projects and continue to bring organisations, agencies and individuals together to achieve excellence in wetland restoration.